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Below is a list of the kind of benefits for parents and babies/toddlers within a musical/singing environment. The benefits can be extensive. However, the emphasis is first and foremost on having FUN! Much emphasis is currently placed on "PLAY" being the primary vehicle to promote the development of young children. Many instruments, soft toys, books, hand puppets, coloured bean bags and scarves provide a wealth of stimulation for the kids to enjoy.

Children instinctively love music, and music is one of the first experiences they respond to.

Skills can be categorised under:-

EDUCATIONAL (ie: Language & Vocabulary, Listening, Memory, Concentration)
SOCIAL INTERACTIVE (ie: Confidence, Self esteem, Self Awareness)
MOTOR SKILLS (ie: Balance and Physical co-ordination and Control)

Musical Tots is run on a Parent/child basis. The benefit being that through singing nursery rhymes and popular songs from childrens tv, parents have an opportunity to join in the fun with their child, increasing that special BOND between them, not to mention the opportunity for parents to socialise with one another.

Using "hand-action" songs (eg Tommy thumb) and singing a variety of nursery rhymes will improve and develop various

LANGUAGE and VOCABULARY develops and extends quicker through listening to and joining in singing songs. Introducing children to music and song from as early an age as possible can do much to improve and develop their speech.

Such fun classes help develop a child's
IMAGINATION/ CREATIVITY. Musical instruments enhance their ability to use their own initiative for creativity, as well as introduce them to "rhythm and beat".

Enjoying singing and playing musical instruments in a fun and relaxed environment can do much to develop a child's
SELF ESTEEM and CONFIDENCE. It can also help to reduce a child's fear of mixing / interacting in a group.

Using music and songs can also improve a child's MEMORY and CONCENTRATION, through listening skills. Repetition of rhymes and songs is very important in this respect. There is much research which shows that "Music education" has many benefits to offer children.

Finally, Musical Tots is a family run business and therefore classes are taken by the Business founders with that "personal touch" being offered.

Each class is both structured and varied in nature. Children learn that the start of class involves everyone sitting round singing quiet nursery rhymes, gradually building up to action rhymes which they can clap, dance and jump about to, becoming noisier when the instruments are introduced and after "tidy up", the atmosphere is brought back to a calm/quiet few minutes where we enjoy peaceful lullabies. Each class then finishes off with free play and the "bubble machine" makes a popular appearance before home time!

Enrolment takes place at the first class.

All equipment is provided at the class, therefore there is no need to bring anything along other than yourself and your child!

If you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Musical tots provide services in the Ballymoney and Coleraine areas in County Antrim, Northern Ireland and the Maynooth area in County Kildare.
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